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Artist.................. Illustrator.....................Maker I make art for your walls and art you can wear. Fine art and custom wood burned jewelry and more available here. 

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Beka Butts Illustration is a one stop shop for unique art and handmade goods. Every piece is lovingly hand crafted by the artist to ensure you are purchasing a one of a kind piece of art. Wood Burned Wearable Art are all created by hand with a photography tool and finished with a hard finish to ensure quality and durability. All prints are from original works of art by Beka Butts, or hand carved as a limited edition print. 

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Beka Butts

store owner

Beka Butts is an artist, illustrator, and maker out of Greensboro, NC. Beka creates art in many forms, from the tiniest line details in a custom wood burned piece of jewelry, to large scale public art works, as a muralist. She is an illustrator by trade, and her work can been seen on a variety of craft beer labels from Southbound Brewing Co. in Savannah, GA. You can follow the artist and her work via social media as "Beka Butts, Illustrator" on Facebook and @BButts_Illustration on Instagram.